Calling all Overacheivers & Perfectionists...

 If you're letting the experience of rejection, abandonment, shame and self-judgment tamper with your self-esteem and block your success, read on.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Time: 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Snack food will be provided 

Talaris Conference Center: The Lodge Room 4000 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105

LIVE Workshop in Seattle, WA, USA!

The Magic of Radical Forgiveness Workshop 

Remove the Blocks and Release Your Life Into Your Greatness!

Early Bird Pricing - $147 (exp. 4/1) $167 until 4/15 Regular Investment - $197  

Space is limited!

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  • Are you overwhlemed and running on overload? 
  • Are you everything for everyone else but have nothing left for yourself? 
  • Are you experiencing shame?
  • Do you feel like you'll never measure up?
  • Do you feel like your power has been taken from you?

If you're living a life where you've been beating yourself up or feel stagnated by your shame, you are in the right place. Forgiveness is the first step in releasing yourself from the chains that surround you. It can be done.

Hello, I'm Brenda Reiss. 

I discovered the power of self-forgiveness through a series of my own life events from failed marriages to abuse to severe health challenges. 

I’ve learned to release shame and guilt from my past to live in the present. 

And you can too! 

Welcome to the Magic of Radical Forgiveness Experience

This LIVE workshop gives you an opportunity to:

  • Forgive yourself and everyone in your life to enable you to move forward
  • Let go of self-judgment, shame and guilt so that you feel more self-confidence
  • Free your heart from emotional pain and heartbreak, so you can be present and happy in your relationships 
  • Calm your busy mind and release resentments and grudges
  • Turn the heavy feeling in your body into a lightness of being
  • Change stuck energy around old wounds to allow more love and healing in your life 
  • And you don't have to share your story

This truly magical workshop offers you the opportunity not just to learn about Radical Forgiveness and how it differs from conventional forgiveness, but to experience it directly for yourself. 

Through a special energy­-based exercise, you discover where you might be holding emotionally toxic energies in your body and who might be responsible for them. That, in turn, tells you who you need to forgive during the workshop in order to become free of the negative energies.

You will be given a tool that you can use daily to change your energy and shift your perspectives around people who you would like to forgive.

  •  A well established and consciously guided experience
  •  Understanding the nature of forgiveness
  •  The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony
  •  Discovering where you are holding toxic energies
  •  A Forgiveness Worksheet that you can use forever
  •  A Seven Step Forgiveness Process to release the toxic energies
  •  A small intimate group gathering where safety is created for everyone’s benefit 
  • And you don't have to share your story

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