Calling all perfectionists, overachievers and guilt-ridden souls who are ready to forgive and let go!

  • Are you a perfectionist, an overachiever, an over do-er and everything to everyone else but lack self-satisfaction?
  • Are you over scheduling yourself so much that you have no time left to take care of you?
  • Do you feel guilt and/or resentment towards your spouse, partner, children or yourself?
  • Are you angry at yourself for not establishing healthy boundaries?
  • Are you aware of your destructive patterns but don't know how to change them? (Example: over-exercising, under-exercising, over-eating, over-doing or under-doing, excessive drinking etc.)

Hi, I’m Brenda Reiss, and I welcome you to the 5-week Foundations of Forgiveness Course!

Forgiveness is not solely about getting rid of anger and resentment; forgiveness is about cultivating an environment of acceptance and allowance so that you can create the life that you were designed to live.

Join us for a 5-week Foundations of Forgiveness Course!

"As a coach/teacher Brenda is filled with so much caring and information, and had our groups and individual sessions so thoroughly planned out. This was such an amazing process for me, not only being able to diffuse the misinformation and twisted truth that I had carried around to believe as my story, but to reframe the story and then be able to move on with a clearer and much lighter story."


Here’s what you will learn: 

Week 1 - Awareness: Get Clear On How You Show Up

Our outside reflects our inside. The people and the situations that keep showing up in your life are a direct reflection of the patterns and beliefs we have set for our life. Let's get curious!

  • Are you aware of how you are showing up in life? 
  • What is showing up in your life? In relationships
  • What is showing up in your body as a result of your life?

Week 2 - Responsibility: Undo Patterns That No Longer Serve You 

All of your decisions are owned by you. This week we will take a deeper look at the patterns and unhealthy behaviors we've created in our lives and start to undo the ones that no longer serve us. 

We created those patterns as survival/coping skills and we've survived! Yay! 

Now you get to choose what stays and what goes.

Week 3 - Release: Learn How To Release For Freedom

This week we are taking the awareness and responsibility we've uncovered in the past two weeks to cultivate curiosity of what lies beneath our surface. 

Feelings can be scary and a lot of people tend to bury their feelings so deep that they don't even know they are there. 

This week we will begin to discover what lies beneath and learn healthy ways to release.

Week 4 - Embody: Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Now that you are aware of what you may have been doing to sabotage the life you want, we will learn how to overcome negative self-talk, unhealthy patterns and fears that have been holding us back from living the life we were designed to live. 

Week 5 - Activate: Create Actions For Success

This is the FUN week! This week we take everything we've learned in weeks 1-4 and put together an action plan for the life you DO want to live. This includes coming up with NEW healthy patterns and behaviors to help support you on journey to becoming the new you.

  • Do you want a new job or relationship?
  • Do you want to feel better
  • Do you want more peace?
  • What do YOU want to create in your life?

"Brenda has made such a huge, positive impact on my feelings and my outlook on life. She is so giving, accepting and supportive through all the ups and downs I have experienced. She is not afraid to tell you like it the most loving way. She picks up on subtle shifts and wants to celebrate them for the miracles that they are. She is open with her own personal journey, which only inspires me to do better and work harder. She is like my own personal cheerleader for life. Brenda wants the best for me and truly cares about how I am doing and feeling. Thanks to Brenda and radical forgiveness my life is going down a much healthier and happier path. I feel better about myself and my future."


Hello, I'm Brenda Reiss. 

I discovered the power of self-forgiveness through a series of my own life events from failed marriages to abuse to severe health challenges. 

I’ve learned to release shame and guilt from my past to live in the present. 

And you can too! 

This course will begin on Thursday, May 4th through Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Pacific time

Regular Price: $97

Early Bird Special: $47 (expires April 28th)

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Step Into Your Own Power Through Forgiveness

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